Country Location Dates
    Italy Milan 6th & 7th August 2018
    France Paris 9th & 10th Aug 2018
    Denmark Copenhagen 13th & 14th Aug 2018
    Sweden Stockholm 16th & 17th Aug 2018
    Ireland Dublin 20th & 21st Aug 2018
    Belgium  Brussels 28th to 29th Aug2018
    Ireland Dublin 15th to 16th Oct 2018
    Denmark Copenhagen 18th to 19th oct 2018
    France Paris 22nd & 23rd Oct 2018
    Belgium  Brussels 25th to 26th Oct2018
    Sweden Stockholm 5th & 6th Nov 2018
    Romania Cluj 7th & 8th Nov 2018
    Finland Helsinki 12th & 13th Nov 2018
    Poland Warsaw 14th to 15th Nov2018
    Netherlands Amsterdam 19th & 20th Nov 2018
    Czech Republic Prague 22nd & 23rd Nov 2018
    Italy Milan 26th & 27th Nov 2018
    Austria Vienna 29th & 30th Nov 2018


Terms And Condition:

  • Please note above rates constitute only towards the training charges and does not include any taxes. All the taxes as applicable by local laws should be borne by the Participant or the Participant Company.
  • Early Bird Discount payments should pay before cut-off date.
  • Special Offer applicable for Standard Prices Only(not applicable for early bird offer).
  • Group Discounts will apply only for same organization.
  • Individual Discounts apply only for Individual(Participants ) invoices only.
  • All the refunds will be processed within 30 working days starting from the day of cancellation
  • For more information on Refund Policy

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